One could think as a mum I would be biased and an honest picture of Nikki’s qualities is hardly possible. I think however that I know her so well as a person and as a professional that I can see her strong and weak points very well. And the conclusion is I’m very proud of the woman and professional she has become. She truly is a ‘citizen of the world’. Born in The Netherlands, moved to Bulgaria (for a year) and living in Turkey now, speaking both English and Turkish very well. Enjoying the different cultures makes her good in understanding clients in general. Listening to their needs when designing and building their website and having terrific communication skills. She’s a hard worker, always has been, and somewhat a perfectionist, which is a quality for the work she does. She has a keen eye for what is ‘of this time’ and loves the combination of ‘looks’ and technical possibilities. She is very independent, but a good team player as well, combining trades and qualities for the benefit of the client if necessary. In short… proud mama.