First of all; Welcome to my brand new website!

New times, new website

I am proud to present my new website to all of you! It had been a long time since I updated my website in general, but because of the time we are in now, with the world battling against the epidemic of COVID-19, it felt like it was time. A time where everyone was forced to slow down, stay home and re-asses their lives. People are getting creative, starting new initiatives to help others and even to help themselves because they are now out of a job. A lot of people are starting something new, from their own home and need an online platform to be able to share it with their community and/or target audience.

Out of a job

My background as an artist and teacher has caused me to do the same. Since theaters, schools and gyms etc. are closed I was suddenly, like may others, out of a job. Not knowing how long this will take to go back to normal I wanted to find another source of income and help others like me find theirs. For years already I have been making websites as a job on the side. I love how big the contrast is to my normal job and still lets me use my creative side.

Since it is a job I can do safely from my own home, or really anywhere where there is an internet connection I want to be more active in it and use my experience to help others that also started to work from home but need help crossing over to the online world.

For example..

So lets say you making and selling products from home and need a webshop, I’m your girl!

Maybe you will start teaching your music or pilates classes from home but need an online platform to offer classes, selling subscriptions and a “members only” place. Again, I’m your girl!  

The possibillities are endless!

I can provide website help in any shape or form from a complete website from scratch, giving your existing website a make-over, just a little help here or even just a WordPress installation for you to go ahead and make a website yourself!

It wouldn’t exactly be good press to have an outdated website so of course this website is made by yours truly.  If you are curious about the other branches that I am active in like Dance and Pilates, they have a separate place in this website. You can find them in the menu through the welcome button, which will lead you to the landing page for If you are also in need for a multiple use website like mine where you want to promote your different undertakings without A; having to have several domains and B; people being distracted by info they are not interested in. For example; in my website, when you go to the Websites in WordPress sub-website you will only see pages and info related to this subject. Yet, all my branches have their own space under the umbrella of my name and person, just like in real life.

By Nikki Spithost

Want a new website in these new times for yourself?

If you have any feedback for me, I would love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or would like to make use of one of my services, please feel free to contact me.

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