Why Wordpress

Why should I use WordPress? Isnt my old site good enough? Why do I need to switch to WordPress?

People often make the mistake of classifying WordPress as just a blogging platform. Although that used to be true in the past, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a versatile content management system (CMS). While you can still use WordPress to create a simple blog, now it also allows you to create fully functional websites and mobile applications.

Due to it’s robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including but not limited to: Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more.

Wordpress is..

WordPress is a free software, this means you are free to download, install, use and modify it. You can use it to create any kind of website. It is also open source which means the source code of the software is available for any one to study, modify and play with.

To run WordPress and for me to make your website, all you need is a domain and web hosting.

Easy to manage and to use

WordPress is used by millions of people and almost every day new people are joining the WordPress community by creating their first WordPress powered websites. The reason why people quickly adapt to WordPress is because it is fairly easy to use.

WordPress comes with built-in updater that allows you to update your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard. It also notifies you when there is a new version of WordPress is available, so you can update it by just clicking a button.

But of course, you do not HAVE to manage and maintain your website yourself. Either you don't want to be bothered or you simply don't have the time! In this case take a look at our services: Web maintenance & CMS management

Extendable through themes and plugins

The reason why WordPress is such an ideal candidate is because there are thousands of free templates (themes) to choose from, so you can give your website any look you want. There is a WordPress theme for just about everything. Whether you want a photography theme, magazine theme, portfolio theme, or an eCommerce theme. There is a perfect theme available for every kind of website.

WordPress is super flexible and can be extended by using plugins. Just like themes, there are thousands of free and premium plugins available for you to use (What is a plugin?). Not only these plugins can add extra functionality to WordPress, there are lots of plugins which can add a whole new platform to your WordPress site.


Search engine (SEO) friendly

WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your site very attractive to search engines.

By design WordPress is very SEO friendly. If you want to improve your websites' SEO, please check out the SEO Starterspack that is offered on the service page.

Able to handle different media types

Using WordPress you are not just limited to writing text. It comes with built-in support to handle images, audio, and video content. You can also use for document or file management.

WordPress supports oEmbed enabled websites which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by just pasting the URL in your post. You can even allow your visitors to embed videos in comments.

How it all began..

When you grow up with your parents owning and running an IT company, there is no way this won't somehow play a part in your life:

An IT upbringing

Being curious to take your mothers Word, Excel or general computer courses at age 7, your first primary school presentation being about ‘e-mail’ and participating in website making competitions for kids at age 8 learning the basics of HTML are just a few examples and were only the beginning.

Online dancer

Growing up to follow my own passion and ambition to become a professional dancer I developed my creative eye and mind which I use today in making my websites. As a freelance dancer in this time and day, even when still in school, one requires an online profile as well. Nowadays people want to be able to see who you are and what you can do with one click. My minor in college being ‘cultural entrepreneurship’ was the first step in combining these two worlds for me having to make my own website.

How I got to where I am

Lucky to have IT’ers as parents I had the best mentors in learning about the ‘craft’ and dipping my own toes in the IT pool. Starting out with administration work for some extra cash as a struggling artist for their company IT-Works, slowly starting to help out making the websites using WordPress to eventually being able to grow my own network and clientele for making websites using WordPress. Learning and developing my skills with every project while always having over 25 years of experience and expertise within reach for where I lack experience or knowledge. Which enables me to guarantee my client the product they want.

Websites in WordPress

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