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International home office

Let me give you a short introduction; I am Dutch born, with a little Danish in the mix from my grandma and I lived in the Netherlands until I was 21 when I, pretty soon after finishing the Dance Academy, moved to Bulgaria to pursue my dance career where I lived for a year. when my plans there didn’t work out the way I had hoped I moved to Turkey for a new dancing job. This is where I found my fiance, the love of my life, and decided to settle down here. So I have been living here in Turkey for almost 5 years now.

Making websites

Ever since finishing school I have been doing administrative work and making websites to support my life as a struggling artist and came to really love it. For me it is the perfect contrast in my work life and I can use my creative eye in a different work field. Being able to do this work anywhere I am and anywhere I live it has been the perfect ‘side-hustle’.

International clientele

While still following my passion for dance I love the balance working from home and making websites gives me. And having lived in different countries learning different languages, my clientele, although mostly Dutch, is international. Being able to communicate in Dutch, English and Turkish I have had clients in Bulgaria as well as Turkey. Being able to work from any where and any place with internet I have successfully complete projects start to finish without being in the same room as my clients. In this day and age we can easily work together using email, Whatsapp messages and phone/video calls, Skype, Zoom etc. Whatever feels right for the client. My still mostly Dutch clientele proofs that.

In the work that I do I am not limited to country borders and am happy to help out anyone that is in need of a website and that likes the personal care and experience that I put into my projects.

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From anywhere in the world I invite you to have a digital coffee with me and talk about your project.

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