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Design and construction

A website is a person’s or company’s online businesscard. Their online profile besides Social Media. Having such an important roll to play ones website has to sell the message, be aesthetically pleasing to the eye while being user friendly, easily findable and still managable on the back-end.

Why WordPress

My making websites using WordPress as CMS (Content Management Systeem) offers all of the above. With this CMS it is easy to expand funtionality, content, make technical or aesthetic changes, even being able to maintain the website yourself after build up.


Unique look

WordPress offers a very wide range of (free) templates, which serve as a basic look for your website. These templates I use as a base to work from and tweak it in such a way that it fits the online profile you are looking for. There is something to be found for everyone and their specific needs.


End result

Since starting in 2015 I have been able to deliver beautiful websites to satisfied individuals and companies. Where I lack the experience or knowledge I collaborate with IT-Works, the IT company of my parents, to make sure I deliver the requested end-product.



Web maintenance

Using WordPress in its most basic form doesn’t cost you a thing and is very maintainable. Though, depending on what you want/need for your website and the complexity of your content you’ll need to support these with plugins and you might consider using a paid template for your website. This adds on a lot of extra options and possibilities to make the website more to your liking. The additional possibilities will make the editing, and thus maintaining your website, more complex.


Outsourcing the maintenance of your website, partially or entirely, to me might be a great solution for someone who simply doesn’t have the time to do it or doesn’t have the knowledge and/or experience to do it. If you would like to outsource (parts of) the maintenance of your website to me you can simply contact me and deliver the possible content digitally. After I will ensure a quick placing/changing of the content. This can be to your website, but if requested it can also be put on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)



Many options

Ofcourse the outsourcing of maintenance can also mean changes in the structure and/or look of the website. The more technical side of things. For example adding an extra page and/or menu item, changing a particular color or font, or other changes such as these. Simply contact me about your wishes and I will ensure the quick processing of the clients wishes.




CMS management

WordPress is the CMS (Content Management Systeem) behind the website in which I make my websites. When making a website fit to the clients needs a template is chosen and used for the basic look of the website. Besides this many plug-ins are added to make all the clients wishes possible.

Importance of upkeep

In CMS management I offer to make sure all these plug-ins, templates and WordPress itself is updated when newer versions are available. This is a critical part in the safety of your website. When the upkeep is not regular and properly done, hackers will want to abuse this since leaks in your website will arise.

Regular check

I do regular check ups and make sure the site diagnostics are as optimal as possible. If any problems arise for the website I make sure to inform the client timely and assist in helping them to find the best solution that works for both them and the website. For the duration of the subscription the client won't have to think of it.

SEO starterspack

SEO (search engine optimization) is very important for a website and especially for a company with a website. A website has to score high in and must be adapted to the algorythm of, for example, Google to appear at the first shown search results. Especially Google is important here since it receives 95% of all the online searches.


One can’t underestimate the importance of a good position in the search results since surfers often only look at the first result page when they are looking for something. So the better you score at Google, the more potential clients will be able to find your website.


To help the client optimize their website I offer a SEO Starterspack with which I give the client the perfect set-up on their website to help optimalize their websites SEO. This starterspack offers a way to maintain a good SEO of your website with ease and a good overview to check up the websites situation

The website will be signed up to Google which garuantees the websites indexation.
* When it is about a company’s website it can also be added to Google Maps.

Google Analytics will be added to back-end of the website to collect all its statistics and view these in a detailed way to the client.
* A gmail account is a neccesity.


A sitemap will be added to the website so that the so called ‘crawlers’ don’t miss anything when indexing the website.

The Yoast SEO plugin will be added to the back-end of the website which will give a great overview to how optimalised every page/post of the website actually is and how to improve it.

Websites in WordPress

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