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I am a native Dutch speaker but I am also fluent in English and Turkish. I am very patient and understanding but I can also motivate and keep you accountable to make sure you reach your goals.

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My classes

My classes are a save space where I encourage and celebrate your mistakes! It is important to me to make learning Dutch a fun and an enjoyable experience for you. The subject of our classes are tailored to your needs.




I offer my one-on-one classes through the online platform italki. A great tool that handles everything from communication, sceduling to payments. Visit my profile to check my availability and book a class.

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šŸŒ·This trial lesson is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know eachother. For you to decide if I am the right fit for you as a teacher and for me to get to know what your level of Dutch is and how to best shape your classes.

šŸŒ·To do this we will discuss what your expectations are from the classes and what way of learning works best for you. This way we can create a lessonplan that fits your goals and keeps you motivated to get there.

šŸŒ·From complete beginners (A0) to upper-intermediate (B2)
šŸŒ·A combination class targeting grammar, speaking, reading, writing and listening depending on your needs
šŸŒ·Tailored to your goals and motivation for learning the Dutch language
šŸŒ·Using many different materials, exercises, quizzes and homework (if you want) to help you improve
šŸŒ·Incorporating Dutch culture to not just learn the language but also about the people and the country

šŸŒ·All levels are welcome in this class (A0 – C2)
šŸŒ·Conversation practice focusing on sentence structure, pronunciation, expanding vocabulary, grammar and listening
šŸŒ·Tailored to your interests, hobbies, work, daily life or whatever topics might be useful to you
šŸŒ·Helping you become a confident speaker and not sound too ’textbook’
šŸŒ·Simply talking/chatting aswell as the use of exercises and (if you want) homework
šŸŒ·Incorporating Dutch culture explaining typical proverbs and sayings you might encounter


Trial lesson

  • Price for 30 minute class
  • Getting to know one another
  • Assessing current level
  • Discussing goals and expectations
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Dutch for beginners

  • Price for 30 minute class
  • 45 minute class = 26$
  • 60 minute class = 33$
  • 10 class package = 310$
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Conversation practice

  • Price for 30 minute class
  • 45 minute class = 26$
  • 60 minute class = 33$
  • 10 class package = 310$
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