The new teaching season is about to start again at Anadolu Ateşi

After a succesful first season of teaching at Anadolu Ateşi, a great annual performance of the students and a lovely summer holiday it is time to start again! We have had our meetings, have done our preperations and are ready welcome the children to a fresh season. I will again be located in the Şişli dance school in Istanbul. We will start our classes on saturday



A new season with a new team of teachers, a new load of students and, most exciting of all… A whole new project! This year with the Şişli dance school we will get the chance not just to teach the children and choreograph the annual performance, we will put our input and energy in making a new Anadolu Ateşi show from scratch. No spoilers yet… But I wíll give you guys the title: