In Januari 2018, starting the new year with a bang, I added a brand new service for my clients to profit from and help optimize their website even more!



SEO Starterspack I offer the client the perfect set-up on their website to help optimalize their websites SEO. This starterspack offers a way to maintain a good SEO of your website with ease and a good overview to check up the websites situation:

  • The website will be signed up to Google which garuantees the websites indexation.
    * When it is about a company’s website it can also be added to Google Maps.
  • Google Analytics will be added to back-end of the website to collect all its statistics and view these in a detailed way to the client.
    * A gmail account is a neccesity.
  • A sitemap will be added to the website so that the so called ‘crawlers’ don’t miss anything when indexing the website.
  • A special Yoast SEO plugin will be added to the back-end of the website which will give a great overview to how optimalised every page/post of the website actually is. It gives the client all the info needed to completely optimize their websites content and the space to do so by, for example, adapting content, adding key words, adapt meta texts and more.


The costs of this package is in the form of a one-time payment of € 80,- (excl. 21% taxes) after which the client will have the perfect set-up to start optimalizing their website with ease and overview.


SEO (search engine optimization) is very important for a website and especially for a company with a website. A website has to score high in and must be adapted to the algorythm of, for example, Google to appear at the first shown search results. Especially Google is important here since it receives 95% of all the online searches. One can’t underestimate the importance of a good position in the search results since surfers often only look at the first result page when they are looking for something. So the better you score at Google, the more potential clients will be able to find your website.